We may have convinced you that our new 17-inch production monitor can take a beating, but have we convinced you that the 1703 HDR solves real, on set problems?

Chances are, if you’re already using production monitors on set, you want to know how the 1703 HDR compares to industry standard monitors such as the Panasonic BTLH1700HD and the Sony PVM-A170.

In this short video, we explain how the 1703 HDR compares to the production monitors listed above, as well as explain how it can enhance your on set workflow.

When it comes to characteristics like durability and color fidelity, brands like Panasonic and Sony have set the bar extremely high. When crafting the 1703 HDR, these characteristics laid the foundations of SmallHD’s first production monitor.

Increased Durability
We explored the benefits of a milled aluminum frame and decided the added durability and mount-ability was worth pursuing. In addition to its housing, the 1703 HDR’s impact screen protector is sure to prevent expensive repairs and unwanted down time.

The Brightness Factor☀️
It was encouraging to see how the 1703 HDR compared to the Panasonic and Sony production monitors in a studio environment; and it was thrilling to see how it compared to them in full sun!

In uncontrolled lighting environments, color and clarity are are preserved with the 1703 HDR’s daylight viewable display. Our desire is to see SmallHDR monitors help filmmakers stay focused on their work and spend less time combatting ambient light.

Cine Gear Expo: Los Angeles 2016

Convenient Power🔋
Nothing new here. The 1703 HDR offers all the traditional power options common with industry standard production monitors: 4-pin XLR power input, Gold and V-Mount battery options, and an IEC standard power plug.

Beyond the normal power solutions, the 1703 HDR provides an extremely handy 2-pin Lemo and multiple USB power outs. These features can easily be overlooked on a spec sheet, but extremely valuable when trying to manage on set power.

Easy Integration with Accessories
One goal behind designing the RapidRail Shoe Mount System on our new line of production monitors, was to eliminate the need to use tape and velcro when securing expensive accessories to the monitor.

In addition to providing a secure (tapeless) mounting solution for things such as wireless receivers, streamlining accessories directly on the monitor keeps the clutter under control.

A quicker way to access incredible tools.
Software tools like Waveform provide filmmakers with a data-driven way to make critical camera and lighting adjustments. The 1703 HDR makes it easy to interact and customize these tools to your liking, saving time and preventing headaches.

The speed, agility, and customizations experienced on our 500 and 700 Series on-camera monitors can now be experienced on the 1703 HDR. With Page Builder OS, managing the tools that give you confidence in your shot is made simple.

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