It’s an exciting time to be a filmmaker.

Camera technology is evolving more rapidly than ever before and business owners are willing to pay a premium for great visual content. With demand for visual content at an all-time high, so is competition. More than the next shiny new object, the modern filmmaker needs confidence. Confidence for a filmmaker is knowing if the shot is in focus. It’s communicating a vision to their team. It’s working more efficiently than ever before and having fun in the process.

The SmallHD 702 Bright is not just another shiny new object (although, it is bright). It’s a boost of confidence for content creators that find themselves shooting outdoors.

The 702 is a stunning monitor. It’s features, low power consumption and stunningly bright image, have instantly made it my favourite monitor

Philip Bloom

Top 7 Reasons Why Shooters Want the 702 Bright

1. It’s bright (for real).

Many on-camera monitors claim to be “bright.” It’s an appealing characteristic, but the claims are often vague and/or misleading. Display brightness is measured in “nit” units. A “nit” is a measure of light emitted per unit area (nerdy, but important to know). Most consumer desktop LCDs have around 250 nits (250 cd/m2) of brightness. The 702 Bright has a 1000 nit display. At SmallHD, we call monitors with this amount of brightness “daylight viewable.” In other words, you can see the image while shooting outside on a sunny day (without a Sunhood).

Currently, there are 16 on-camera monitors listed on the B&H website rated at 1000 nits or brighter. Of the 16, the brightest monitor is the SmallHD DP7-PRO High Bright (1500 nits) and the most affordable of the bunch is the SmallHD 702 Bright ($800 less than the next in line).

At $1499, the702 Bright is the most cost-effective “daylight viewable” 1080p on-camera monitor available.

2. It’s not a touchscreen.

There is a time and place for touchscreen displays and it’s typically not outside on a sunny day trying to analyze an image.

The 702 Bright allows for easy (smudge-free) interaction with the monitor. How it’s done is with the joystick user interface, which also allows for quick 2x and 4x focus punch-ins.

Asmudge-free display preserves the contrast of your image(especially outside).

3. It’s energy efficient.

If you could drive the SmallHD 702 Bright, you would turn heads while saving money at the pump. The daylight viewable on-camera monitor is not only bright, it’s energy efficient (10 watts). Equipped with an industry first, built-in Sony-L AND Canon LP-E6 battery slots, the 702 Bright also provides flexible power.

4. It’s the Chuck Norris of field monitors.

It’s handsome and can withstand a dropkick to the face… remind you of anyone?

The 702 Bright is simply a tank. Its milled aircraft aluminum unibody and recessed ports help prevent damage if and when it’s dropped. An easy to install acrylic screen protector may be used as a security blanket for the LCD (a manly blanket of course). Without the screen protector, the LCD is still stronger than most. It’s optically bonded to a layer of glass, eliminated unwanted reflection and adding strength to the LCD.

The702 Bright isso tough, it can make an onion cry.

The 702 Bright is the outdoor monitor I've been waiting for. Large portable screen, low power draw from batteries, great navigation to quickly access all the visual tools I may need, AND viewable in direct sunlight without the need for a sunhood.

Myles Smythe

5. Full broadcast color spectrum means accurate color.

The 702 Bright rivals the broadcast color capabilitiesof OLED display technology. This is huge. The downfall to OLED is that it’s not that bright. With the SmallHD 702 Bright, shooters get 100% Rec 709 color AND 1000 nits of brightness. In addition to perfect color, the 702 Bright allows users to load and apply 3D LUTs painlessly.

You can have your color and see it too.

6. It makes you look good.

The great philosopher Andre Agassi once said, “image is everything.”

If you’ve ever had a client or director on set concerned about how things are looking, then you know this to be true. The 702 Bright not only allows you to add a quick post-production look to real-time footage, it allows you to send that look downstream and preview exactly what you’re sending on its Output Preview Page.

The 702 Bright allows you to be your own DIT.

7. This thing is fast.


From the very first start-up, shooters will notice how fast the 702 Bright is. With a 3 second boot time, shooters can power down between takes if needed, knowing that they can be quick to the draw. More importantly, the 702 Bright has an extremely low lag. External monitors with even the slightest lagcause problems for camera operators and focus pullers trying to frame/focus moving subjects.

Save time and frustration with the extremely low lag 702 Bright.

The 702 Bright is available atsmallhd.comas well as our worldwide reseller network.

Special thanks to Tier 10, Philip Bloom,michiganbluffphotofor providing beautiful footage and images for us!