On the heals of the1303 HDR production monitor comes the 702 OLED.

As awesome as large and in charge daylight viewable LCD is, color accurate OLEDhas much to be desired.

702 OLED wireless configuration

Individually color calibrated

Similar to the newly announced 1703-P3, each 702 OLED display will be professionallycolor calibrated with a Klein probe and advanced software from Spectracal before it leaves SmallHD HQ. This process will ensure that the wide color gamut of each OLED panel is dialed in for color accuracy.

702-OLED wide color gamut OLED

wide color gamut OLED

702 OLED 5 custom preset buttons

5 custom preset buttons

How does it compare to the 702 Bright?

The702 OLED is the perfect complement to popular 702 Bright. While the 702 Bright providesimage clarity in high ambient light situations, the 702 OLED provides stunning color accuracy in controlled shooting environments.

Furthermore, accessing tools like HD Waveform, customizable Focus Assist and False Color, is achieved using SmallHD’s intuitive PageBuilder OS. The only difference is that the 702 OLED now has 5 custom preset buttons that provide even more convenience and agility.

LP-E6 / Sony L integrated battery slots

LP-E6 / Sony L integrated battery slots

7 ¼-20 thread points

7 ¼-20 thread points

How does it compare to theAC7 OLED?

The 702 OLED has taken the all the desirable characteristics of the AC7-OLED and improved upon them.It still has Gorilla Glass screen protection, but has addedan aluminum frame. It still has a slim design, but has addedintegrated battery slots. It still has a gorgeous 7.7-inch OLED display, but has finely tuned color accuracy.

Similar to the AC7 and DP7-PRO Series, the 702 OLED has a resolution of 1280×800, making it the sharpest 7-inch OLED on-camera monitor. It won’t pass the spec for spec resolution comparison against its LCD counterparts, but it will pass the eyeball testboasting high pixel density, superb contrast, and incredible color accuracy.

702-OLED wide color gamut OLED
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