5 Things You Didn’t Know About the FOCUS OLED Monitor

As a member of the SmallHD FOCUS family on-camera monitors, the FOCUS OLED suffers from middle child syndrome.

FOCUS OLED has been told he’s not as bright as his older brother, and not as special as the new FOCUS Bolt.

He deserves our attention.

1. The FOCUS OLED is brighter than you think.

When comparing OLED monitors to LCD monitors, LCD is usually rated at a higher “nit” value. The problem with saying that LCD is “brighter” or “better” than OLED in this category, is that brightness can’t really be measured, it’s perceived.

Brightness is a subjective attribute we assign to light. It can differ according to a variety of factors, one of which is how bright the environment is around the light.

Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K + Wooden Camera Cage

True Blacks
Perhaps you’ve seen this phrase used to describe Apple’s new iPhone Xs. OLED technology doesn’t require a backlight. So when a picture calls for black, an OLED will turn off and create a true black.

The FOCUS OLED’s ability to create true black equates to an amazing contrast ratio and high perceived brightness. With 1920×1080 screen resolution and high pixel density, this 5-inch touchscreen monitor displays a stunning image.

2. The FOCUS OLED solves problems for small and/or older cameras

Remember the BMMCC? Or maybe you’re still stretching the limits of the Sony a6500? The FOCUS OLED adds immediate production value to these cameras.

Fewer Batteries
The SmallHD FOCUS OLED is powered by a Sony L Series battery. With the right power adapter cable, the FOCUS monitor can also power small DSLR or mirrorless cameras.

Sony L Series Battery
Camera Specific Battery Adapter Cable
Micro to Full HDMI Cable
SmallHD Full Tilt Arm (new)
Pan Mod (included with Full Tilt Arm)
BMMCC Dual Shoe (new)

Ergonomic Mounting
SmallHD designed and released the original Tilt Arm monitor mount with the FOCUS monitors. The intent was to provide filmmakers using low-profile camera setups a convenient mounting solution. This is often the biggest pain-point for using external devices.

The original Tilt Arm is included in the FOCUS OLED HDMI Kit. Additionally, SmallHD has released the Full Tilt Arm, which offers even more agility while maintaining a small footprint.

shown above: SmallHD Full Tilt Arm

Beyond Flip-Screen
Even when camera manufacturers “get it right” by including an articulating/flip LCD screen, having an external monitor like the FOCUS OLED gives single shooters so much more ability and confidence.

For example, with the FOCUS monitor + Tilt Arm combination, a vlogger can seamlessly transition from shooting behind the camera to in front of the camera. The monitor quickly flips 180 degrees and the image auto-rotates. The FOCUS OLED will even auto-mirror the image (useful when doing a product demo to camera).

Auto Image Rotate Settings

Auto Image Rotate Settings

Auto Image Rotate/Flip

Auto Image Rotate/Flip

Auto Image Mirror

Auto Image Mirror

3. The FOCUS OLED is perfect for product photography/videography

Weighing just 9oz (without a battery), the FOCUS OLED monitor offers tremendous convenience for photographers and videographers staging product. The touchscreen can be positioned where the operator needs to see his or her image (which may be off-camera).

monitor clamp
Gimbal Clamp
Full Tilt Arm

The FOCUS monitor allows artists to setup some amazing time lapse and video sequences as well. Framing, exposing, and focusing the shot are easy to do with a clearly visible and accessible display. The FOCUS OLED is so light, it can be attached to a camera or slider without overloading the system.

SmallHD FOCUS OLED Monitor and Slider

4. The FOCUS OLED brings professional software tools to the independent filmmaker

The FOCUS OLED monitor is packed full of professional, data-driven software tools thanks to OS3. The same tools demanded by industry professionals are literally at your fingertips.

Focusing tools like Focus Assist, Peaking, and 2x & 4x Zoom

Exposure Tools like False Color, Zebra, Waveform, and Histogram

Framing Tools like Custom Guides, Anamorphic Desqueeze, and Crosshatch

With an intuitive user interface and completely customizable toolset, SmallHD OS3 allows users to spend more time and energy on the creative and less time wondering if the shot is in frame, in focus, and properly exposed.

5. The FOCUS OLED SDI is the most affordable monitor in its class

shown above: FOCUS OLED SDI + Sony FS7

The FOCUS OLED monitor is packed full of professional, data-driven software tools thanks to OS3. The same tools demanded by industry professionals are literally at your fingertips.

The FOCUS OLED is a single input touchscreen monitor with either an HDMI or SDI input. The SDI version is the lightest, sharpest 5″ OLED on-camera monitor with a full-size SDI input.


  • 5.5″ OLED display
  • 1920×1080 resolution (402ppi)
  • 9oz. light
  • 5.8W power consumption
SmallHD FOCUS OLED SDI monitor

The convenient form factor of the FOCUS OLED SDI gives independent filmmakers using cameras like the Sony FS7, Blackmagic URSA Mini, and PanasonicAU-EVA1, the ability to add a stunning external display without adding bulk to the camera rig.

By replacing or supplementing the camera’s on-board LCD screen with a FOCUS monitor, shooters gain access to real-time 3D LUTs, customizable False Color, and better screen visibility.