Thanks goes out to everyone that participated in the ‘May the Fourth’ giveaway.

Stories from the Light Side made us laugh, and stories from the Dark Side made us cringe.

The winner of the 2016 ‘Light Side vs. Dark Side of Filmmaking Giveaway’ (and winner of a SmallHD 702 Lite on-camera monitor) is Will Price.

Congrats Will!

You can read his‘dark side’ story below:

“While working as camera operator for a small drone company we were sent on assignment to the Hougoumont Chataux in Belgium, the site of the Battle of Waterloo to document the restoration work being done. The location was an old farm building COVERED in scafolding and had a crane set up in the courtyard. Basically it should have been a no-fly-zone due to the potential for interferance from all that metal but the pilot was ex-army and wouldnt take that for an answer. From the moment we arrived we were suffering technical difficulties with the drone (a DJI S800). We were joined shortly by some men from the Belgian government who were flying their own drone with some 3d mapping software. Out of nowhere their drone dropped out of the sky and the batteries exploded on impact. Luckilly nobody was near the crash site so everything was fine. We continued trying to fly our craft but we had no luck and lost the light. The next morning we went out to catch the sunrise. The first flight of the day was perfect. second flight the pilot tried to take off from inside the courtyard of the farm. As soon as the drone took off it started spinning out of control.
In a stupid reaction the pilot grabbed one of the legs of the still spinning drone, which span it’s carbon fiber blades right into his face, cutting him to the bone on his forhead, cheekbone and along side his eye, had he not been wearing glasses it would have taken out his eye, as he raised his free hand to defend his face it half de-gloved his idex finger. Being ex-army he simply superglued himself back together and drove us back to England concussed. I dont like drones anymore.”

-Will Price, DOP