With help from the SmallHD community, we’ve been able to improve the design of the Sidefinder with a simple hardware upgrade.We’ve implemented the change on the production line and areproviding a solution for current Sidefinder owners to receive the upgrade free of charge.

If you are a Sidefinder owner and want to upgrade your unit with the accessory latch, simply click the link below or pick one up at participating retail locations.

Retail Store Pickup Locations

Creative Solutions Los Angeles
5329 West San Fernando Road
Los Angeles, California 90039

E.C. Pro Video Systems, Inc.
253 West 51st Street
New York, NY 10019

Call for assistance:01457 851000 (UK)

Sidefinder Clip Accessory

Monitor + EVF Attachment

Turn your 501 or 502 into the Sidefinder