Hot on the heels of the SmallHD daylight-viewable HDR production monitor announcement at NAB comes the Studio editions of both the 17-inch and 24-inch sizes, designed to provide the same level of durability, high-end software capability, and color accuracy as their HDR counterparts, these 1920x1080p LCD monitors are built to last.

“Daylight viewability is an incredibly convenient feature of our large HDR displays, but for those shooting in controlled lighting environments, the new 1703 and 2403 ‘Studio’ are perfect for the video village and ACs,” says Wes Phillips, SmallHD Co-Founder. “They feature the exact same build quality and software feature set, but don’t carry the same price tag of high brightness HDR displays.”

The “Pages” system of software presets will adapt to every professional’s needs and speed up shoot days by providing faster access to critical tools, improving on-the-fly focus, color and lighting decisions. The new Multi-View page provides simultaneous viewing of all 3 inputs, or multiple views of the same input with a different feature and/or LUT applied applied to each view. Each customizable page is just a single button press away.

User Interface Overview: Pagebuilder OS

Built-in ColorFlow technology enables the use of custom 3D LUTs in a variety of ways: custom display calibration, realtime preview of “creative” LUTs designed for post-production, and the ability to imbed LUTs in the video stream for display on monitors downstream. Built-in HD Waveform can provide detailed analysis on pre-LUT and post-LUT video data, further improving exposure decisions when shooting in flat looking log profiles.

Designed to outlast years of abuse, every monitor housing is milled from billet aluminum and holds a 3mm thick polycarbonate screen protector that is user-replaceable. The RapidRail Shoe Mount System enables quick mounting and powering of third party accessories, making wireless setups particularly easy.

Teradek Bolt + Rapid Rail Mount

RapidRail Shoe Mount System

The 1703 Studio and 2403 Studio models come in at $2999 and $3499 respectively. Both share the same array of custom accessories as their HDR counterparts, and arenow available on and through SmallHD authorized resellers.

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1703 Studio | $2999

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2403 Studio | $3499