Morgan Cooper, Cinematographer

“You don’t want tools that stand in your way of achieving the looks that you want to achieve…

702 Touch
702 Touch

You want something that allows you to take your vision even further than you could without that product and that’s exactly what the 702 Touch does.”

-Morgan Cooper, Cinematographer

Morgan Cooper is an up-and-coming all-star director/DOP who is equally talented as he is humble. You may have seen hisBEL-AIRproject take the Internet by storm not that long ago.

Cooper’s successful retelling of the “fresh prince” story landed him a meeting in Miami with actor Will Smith and writer Mike Soccio.

Cooper recently moved to LA to continue his journey as a Cinematographer. Traveling on-board with Cooper is his current “workhorse” monitor, the 702 Touch.

Top 3 Takeaways

Listed below are Cooper’s top 3 reasons why the SmallHD 702 Touch is his current “workhorse” on-board monitor.


With 1500 nits of brightness and wide-gamut color capabilities, the 702 Touch on-camera monitor has a highly accurate, highly visible display for in-studio AND on-location shooting.

Capable of accepting signal up to 4K resolution, punching in to check critical focus on the 702 Touch is a breeze.

Ease of Use

Cooper’s go-to on-board monitor for the longest time was the SmallHD 502 Bright. Reluctant to make the switch at first, Cooper found that the 702 Touch offered a bigger, sharper display, without adding extra bulk. In addition to that, he prefers the touchscreen controls for on-board/handheld work.

The customizable, data-driven toolset available with SmallHD OS3 are literally at your fingertips with the 702 Touch monitor. With a user interface already designed for speed and agility, Cooper agrees that touchscreen controls just make sense.

Exposure Assist

Many cameras, particularly when shooting in ‘log’ mode keep theirbrightesthighlight anddarkestshadow at valuesother than 100%and0%respectively. Full shadow clipping might be as high as 10% and highlights might be as low as 90% for example.

xposure Assist tool + on-screen IRE Guide

Exposure Assist tool + on-screen IRE Guide (optional)

Customizing the Exposure Assist (False Color) scale ensures these settings aretunedto yourspecific cameraforguaranteed accuracy. To learn more about this incredibly useful tool, which is available on any SmallHD monitor running OS3 (including the 702 Touch), check out our online user guide.

Morgan Cooper has a passion for storytelling and a passion to share his experiences with other creatives. Get a daily dose of inspiration from Cooper by connecting with him on Instagram.