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Evan and Lindsey Pollock, a talented husband and wife duo, and their team at Pollock Pictures have a true passion to build relationships with their clients and make each cinematic experience truly unforgettable.

Evan states, As I’ve grown my business over the past 7 years, I’ve probably changed my mission ten times. But what I keep circling back to is creating cinematic films that are rooted in human connection. No matter the scale of production, I always aim to intimately connect viewers with human stories: a business, a band, a nonprofit, a craftsman, a church, etc.,they all circle back to human connection.

Here at SmallHD we are inspired by truly creative teams like Pollock Pictures who are passionate about focusing on what matters most and finding the heart of each story through the eyes of their clients. As we strive to make the gear that allows you to do just that, we believe the right gear will never limit you but rather free you to simply enjoy the process and think beyond the gear.

Evan explains, I’ve been using SmallHD monitors on nearly every set, so that I can focus on my talent’s eyes. If I can’t read truth in their eyes, I’ve lost. Being able to step away from the technicalities of everything else and focus on my job as a director has been my saving grace. I need reliable tools so that my team can do their job of capturing those intimate stories the right way.

Here at SmallHD we are passionate about filmmakers and we thoughtfully design each product with you in mind. Thats why we love hearing about how the team at Pollock Pictures uses SmallHD to focus on their clients! And we want to hear your story! Wether you are a first time SmallHD user or you have stuck by us since day one, we want to know about you, your team, and how SmallHD has been apart of your story in our short survey below.

We look forward to hearing and sharing your story with our community of filmmakers!

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All images taken by Pollock Pictures while shooting footage for a brewery documentary coming soon.

To keep up with Evan and the team you can visit them onInstagram @pollockpictures or their website atpollockpictures.com

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