SmallHD PageOS 4 Firmware v4.2.0

Release Date: September 25, 2020

Firmware update Best practices
-SD card 2,4,8,16GB
-Backup Profile before update (recommended)
-Use AC power or fully Charged battery
-Note older version of firmware before update.



  • This firmware restores support for all other existing SmallHD monitors (not supported: DP4, AC7, and DP7 PRO Series)

Features Added:

  • Sony VENICE camera control now supported for Cine 7 monitors
  • Panel White Point, Black Point now captured during calibration
      • This allows more accurate PQ HDR monitoring
  • Color Pipes may now be assigned to function buttons


Bugs Fixed:

  • Internal LUTs should now work on 4K Production Monitors
  • Resolved an issue that might have caused UltraBright monitors to crash on factory reset
  • Improved USB media reliability
  • Touching the Settings icon on the navigation bar no longer bypasses the dashboard
  • “Add New Color Pipe” button no longer persists when the maximum number is already present

Improvements and Alterations:

  • After a factory reset, the first page will now be a Custom Page
  • Improved 4K Production Monitor time by ~1 second


Recommended Practices

  • Connect third party external recorders directly downstream of your source device (i.e. camera), not downstream of the monitor.

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