Firmware update Best practices:

  • SD card 2,4,8,16GB
  • Backup Profile before update (recommended)
  • Use AC power or fully Charged battery
  • Note older version of firmware before update


SmallHD PageOS 4 Firmware v4.3.0                          

Release Date: October 1st, 2020



Features Added:

  • Camera Control for RED® KOMODO™
  • Cine 7, 702 Touch, and Focus Pro monitors now support Camera Control for RED® DSMC2™ & KOMODO™
  • IP Address Settings
    • Can set a static monitor IP address, or enable DHCP
    • Useful for Camera Control for ARRI / VENICE

Improvements and Alterations:

  • Color Picker
    • Updates much faster
    • Can now monitor up to 4 points at once
    • Crosshairs will now remain on-screen after being enabled
  • Added support for upgrading a 4K RX Module through the monitor UI

Bugs Fixed:

  • HDR White Point & Black Point collection no longer broken on touchscreen monitors

New Bugs:
Histogram does not function properly when a significant amount of pure-black pixels are present in the input video data

Recommended Practices

  • Connect third party external recorders directly downstream of your source device (i.e. camera), not downstream of the monitor.

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