Why Cine 13: SmallHD’s Newest 4K Monitor

Introducing Cine 13: the latest addition to the SmallHD 4K Monitor Family. This new 13” 4K Monitor offers you brilliant daylight visibility at over 1500nits of brightness in an incredibly lightweight package, weighing in at only 6.8lbs. This monitor is exactly what you have been looking for when it comes to ergonomics, portability, and sharpness. With the Cine 13 you can finally pull critical focus in 4K.

Intrigued? Here are the top 4 reasons we think you should add a Cine 13 to your arsenal today!

Stunning Image Quality |
Resolution, Brilliance, and Clarity

Brilliance - Accurately view any shot anywhere with one of our brightest production monitors to date! We know that anyone using this 13” monitor will love how easy it is to see a beautiful image in the harshest of outdoor environments.

Resolution - Pixel-packed and helping you to pull perfect focus every single time. The Cine 13 packs an impressive 8 million+ pixels in its compact 13” display -- a stunning 338 pixels per inch! Compare that to the industry standard 1303 HDR’s 170 pixels per inch and the difference is hard to ignore.

SmallHD Cine 13 4K Production Monitor

Clarity - A giant leap forwarded in color accuracy and contrast ratio from our previous 13” monitor, the Cine 13 boasts a contrast ratio of 1300:1. While this may not sound like a huge difference from the 1303 HDR’s 1100:1, the actual side-by-side comparison will blow you away. We have also made huge advancements in the SmallHD color pipe which allow us to provide a much better viewing experience on the Cine 13 than you are used to with previous monitors.

The image quality on the Cine 13 is an absolute dream to work with and we are excited for you to see it for yourself!

A Perfect Fit for All Environments | Lightweight, Rugged, and Flexible

SmallHD Cine 13 4K Production Monitor Portable

Staying true to the spirit of previous SmallHD monitors, the Cine 13 is housed in a rugged drop-tested Aluminum Unibody Chassis. We have added the benefit of lightening your load so that this monitor offers a no compromise upgrade for any AC or DP on set.

The Cine 13 weighs 25% less than the 1303 HDR, making it our lightest, most-portable 4K monitor to date.

Equipped with a multitude of mounting points on all sides, you can rig your monitor to use in a car, helicopter, or any on-set environment.

  • 17x ¼-20 Mounting Points
  • 12x ⅜-16 Mounting Points

SmallHD’s Dovetail Mounting Rail enables you to easily use our hot-swappable Dual-Battery Plate or our new slide-on Cheese Plate. The Cine 13 has the flexibility you need to take it anywhere.

Best-in-Class Software PageOS 4 | Simple, Powerful, and Evolving

One of the greatest elements featured in all our SmallHD monitors is our PageOS 4 platform powering various tools that allow you to maximize your efficiency without sacrificing your vision.

  • Framing Tools - Frame Guides, Safety Guides, Crosshatch
  • Exposure & Scopes Tools - Exposure Assist (False Color), Zebra, Color Picker, Histogram, Vectorscope, Waveform
  • Overlay Tools - Image Overlay, Look (3D LUT), Image Capture, Audio Meters, Metadata
  • Focus Tools - Focus Assist, Peaking, Teradek RT Overlays
SmallHD Cine 13 4K Production Monitor Rig

Pages, our user-customizable workspaces, allow you to create monitoring situations that work for you. Using our ultra-responsive joystick, you can easily toggle through custom menus and add your own settings to the function buttons. With PageOS 4, you can make your monitor as unique as you.

Cine 13 is a major upgrade in image quality--we think it’s the best-looking 13-inch production monitor ever made,” said Dave Bredbury, Product Manager for CS Cine. “With upgraded contrast ratio, resolution, portability, brightness, and color reproduction, the Cine 13 is a versatile powerhouse that will delight focus-pullers and cinematographers alike.

For monitors, seeing is believing. Learn more about the Cine 13 here.

4K is here to stay | Future-Proof Your Workflow

The Small4K™ Video Processing Architecture allows you to not only see the benefits of a 4K input, but you can also experience upscaled HD content without compromising image quality.

This monitor is ready for 4K inputs as soon as your client is, with 4x 12g SDI inputs and outputs with Multiview*. This monitor is ready to power your creative vision reliably no matter what you are shooting with. If you're going to buy a new monitor, you should buy the Cine 13, so that you are ready for the inevitable future 4K workflows that are coming to be prevalent on today’s sets.

*Multiview is without a doubt our most anticipated feature for our 4K line up and it is coming along very well. Our product team is hard at work developing this incredibly powerful tool that will add huge value to your Cine 13 monitor. We do not have an exact release date yet for this free firmware upgrade, but we know it will be worth the wait!

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